About the Jewelry


Vanessa Pack jewelry line is created on the North Shore of Oahu. Drawing beauty from the active Hawaiian shores, this line combines metals, stones and gems to translate the island's beauty into adornments that bring out the exotic elegance of those that wear it.

Each piece originates from a piece of wax, wire and/or sheet metal, and is hand formed into these island-inspired designs using tools such as hammers, saws, torch fire and hand tools. Our metals of choice are Solid 14K Gold, Gold Fill, Sterling Silver and Brass. Each piece is carefully crafted with the Hawaiian mermaid in mind.

Here in Hawaii we wear our jewelry from Ocean to Jungle to Resort fine dining. Our goal is to create pieces that can enhance your beautiful self through all the elements your daily routine commands.




About the Artist


Vanessa Pack lives on the North Shore of Oahu with her husband and beautiful daughter. Her first jewelry line was born in September 2001 in Park City, Utah. Inspired then by the rugged backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, she designed hand-beaded precious gemstone jewelry. Vanessa then spent a decade traveling the world as a flight attendant to end up falling in love with the Hawaiian islands enough to turn in her wings.

Finding her way back to her original passion for jewelry has been a path of continuing education in fine metals and precious gems, incorporating cultures abroad, and last but most importantly, empowering others in her field of jewelry creation. With a strong belief that there is enough abundance for us to share our most beloved secrets, the world has and will continue to provide.